• LOL thanks!!! I didn’t know I liked asparagus until I was in my 20’s. My mom hates it and never made it. My aunt gave me some one time from her yard. I was vegetarian at the time, had no idea what to do with asparagus, so cut it up, sauteed it in butter with garlic and added it to spaghetti sauce. I loved it! Now we have it often, especially in the summer with grilled steak. Even my kiddos like it. I’m so glad I tried it!! Thanks for the compliment (and you can make this without asparagus, too 😉 )

    • I see so many that are, but once you learn to safely use it, and get over that fear, it is such a wonderful tool! Cars are dangerous, but most of us don’t think twice about getting in one and driving to the store! Glad you love your IP 🙂

  1. Looks delish.

    Under the Want a Satisfying S heading you say “Unrefined coconut oil may impart a coconut flavor, so if you don’t like that choose unrefined coconut oil instead.”
    I believe you meant to say to choose refined to avoid the coconut flavor. 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, yes! Good catch Rebekah, and thanks so much for bringing that to my attention! I’ll fix that right away.


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